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The gross motor development area features equipment designed to aid in improving balance, core strength and reactions to maintain body alignment, postural stability and motor planning. When guests work on their gross motor skills, their fine motor skills and cognitive abilities also improve.
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***Please note our location doesn't have a wheelchair access.

There are many people, both children and adults, whose sensory systems routinely overreact  (in varying degrees depending on causes) to everyday environmental stimuli.  This sensory over-stimulation can result in emotional withdrawal and avoidance of daily  routines and impact social, emotional, and motor development. The ambiance, objects and activities in our sensory room ease users’ anxiety, lower their stress response, and encourage independent exploration, sensory engagement, self-expression and communication through the use of various lighting and sound effects, kinetics and textures. 

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Come Play
Open Doorz Club - Autism and Sensory gym

10 Visits Punch Card

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Open Doorz Club - Autism and Sensory gym

Group Admissions

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Respite Services  (Per Hour)

Respite Services (Per Hour)

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